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Hand Baggage

All our customers flying with Thomas Cook Airlines will receive a complementary hand baggage allowance of 6kgs. You can take one piece of hand baggage up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size and children can take Trunki’s.

In addition to the above, customers can choose 1 item from the list below, to be carried as an extra piece of hand baggage. Hand baggage cannot be combined together with other passengers or with any hold baggage.


  • One laptop

  • One overcoat or one blanket

  • One small ladies handbag or one small wrist-bag or one small bag with shoulder strap

  • One umbrella

  • One small camera and/or one binocular

  • Assisted devices of persons with disabilities

  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight

  • Duty free items purchased behind security control or as a pre-order from the operating carrier

  • Infants food for consumption during the flight 


Customers travelling on a flight only booking to America on Thomas Cook Airlines in the Premium Cabin, will have a hand baggage allowance of 10kgs available from 1st May 2015. 

Childs Trunki Cases are accepted as hand baggage as long as this is associated to a child travelling. This cannot exceed 6kgs in weight. If the weight limit does exceed this the Trunki will have to be checked into the hold. This will then be part of your hold baggage weight limit, excess baggage charges may apply.

Please note: At some UK airports a charge for a Gate Bag will now be applied. This means if customers arrive at the boarding gate with more then one item of hand baggage (excluding airport shopping and any of the above mentioned additional items) the extra item/s will be taken and put into the hold. There is a fee of £50.00 - £ 70.00 per bag depending on the route that will be charged.

We recommend that you pack valuables such as Cameras, Jewellery, Tablets devices etc in your hand luggage.

Traveling with Infants

If you are travelling with an Infant they don’t have a hand baggage allowance but any Infant milk or baby food can be carried within your own hand baggage allowance of 6kgs. Please remember that this would need to be separated from your hand baggage when going through the security control. Milk/boiled water would need to be in a clear infant bottle and may need to be tasted.

If you require medical supplies for your trip, we recommend to have enough for the length of time it takes to get to your destination, plus 1 day, in your hand baggage. A medical certificate will be required for all medical supplies within all your baggage. All extra supplies required we would advise to pack suitably for hold baggage.

Gate Bag

Please note, at some UK airports a charge for a Gate Bag will now be applied. This means if you arrive at the boarding gate with more than one item of hand baggage (excluding airport shopping) the extra item/s will be taken and put into the hold. There is a fee of £50.00 for Short Haul, £60 for Medium Haul and £70 for Long Haul per bag that will be charged.

Wedding Baggage

We want your special day to go as smoothly as possible so we recommend that important wedding accessories should to be packed into your hand luggage and meet the size and weight restrictions, or be packed suitably for loading into the aircraft hold.

If you have booked a Thomas Cook wedding package and are flying with Thomas Cook Airlines any additional items required by the Bride and Groom can be taken as hand baggage. The hand baggage allowance provided is 11kgs per person for the wedding couple only. This baggage must be split over two bags, one as 6kgs and the other as 5kgs. All hand baggage needs to be within the size restrictions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

This information supersedes any other hand baggage documentation you receive.