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Travel gadgets for tech lovers

Everyone loves gadgets, whether it’s a solar charger for your mobile phone, or sunglasses you can wear around your wrist (more on those in a bit). From scooter luggage to secret stashes, here are some great ideas for holiday gadgets and gizmos.

Slapsee sunglasses

Losing your sunglasses is one of those little holiday annoyances that can really mess up your day. If you’re out sightseeing and you go inside a church or gallery to have a wander around, don’t put your sunglasses in your pocket, simply slap them around your wrist. Slapsee sunglasses have a unique foldable design, so when you’re not wearing them on your face, you simply fold them up and then slap-snap them around your wrist. A great gadget at a budget price too.

Scooter luggage

This became a bit of a craze in 2016 and looks set to be popular in 2017 too. Rather than dragging your luggage around behind you, simply fold out the scooter and scoot around the airport. It’s great fun, but it does add quite a bit of weight to your luggage allowance, so be aware of possible excess baggage charges.

Stuffa coats

If you’re travelling light or just want to carry on a few extra bits and pieces without breaking out another piece of luggage, the Stuffa coat has the answer. This jacket has so many pockets on the inside, you might end up forgetting which one your passport and ticket is in.

Secret stashes

Book safes have been around for a while, but look out for more innovative ideas, such as the cheap and cheerful ‘Tan Safe’. ‘Tan Safe’ is a safe stash for your keys, credit cards or jewellery that’s made to look just like a bottle of sun tan lotion. It’s not fool proof, but it’s certainly convincing enough to fool most would-be thieves at a casual glance.

Charge your phone for free

If you don’t fancy taking a wall charger with you, try the Braunton Ember Hybrid Solar Power Bank, a phone charger that has an extra solar panel on one side, so you can charge your phone while you’re lying on the beach.