Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so anything that makes the journey easier must be well worth the money. The BBC Travel Show regularly rounds up the latest travel gadgets and innovations, all of which are designed to make the journey as enjoyable as arriving at your destination. So how effective are the latest gadgets and gizmos?

Smartphone headphones

There are hundreds of different types of smartphone headphones on the market, but there’s always room for one more. The new Jabra Halo Smart is a wireless, hands-free set that gives you 15 hours of music time and 17 hours of talk time. That’s more than enough for even a long-haul flight. They’re lightweight and comfortable, but those ear buds may need adjusting now and then to get the best quality sound.

Luggage locators

GPS luggage trackers have been around for a while now, yet every year, 23million pieces of luggage still get lost, many of which never make the journey home. The Lugloc luggage locator is the latest piece of tech that’ll send a signal to your smartphone to let you know where your bag is. It’s Flight Regulations compliant, but be aware that you need to activate a service plan to use this product, which will cost you extra.

Electric tags

It’s easy enough to check in hand luggage online, but if you have larger bags then you could end up queuing for hours at luggage check in. Rimowa have tried to get around this problem with their new electronic tag system for large luggage, which means you can tag your luggage using your smartphone. However, it’s only available with one airline now, although other carriers are interested in adopting the tech.

Luggage that walks itself

Finally, how would you like a suitcase that you don’t even have to pull behind you? Cowarobot have invented the R1, a suitcase that follows you around like a puppy. Sensors inside the case mean it doesn’t bump into obstacles or other passengers, but the jury is still out on whether travellers actually need remote operated luggage.