Flip flops? Check. Sun cream? Check. Beach towel? Check. Then you’re almost set. What many of us forget or leave to the last minute however, is to consider how we’re going to while away the time by the pool or lounging on the sand.

Before you automatically reach for the bestseller in the airport bookshop, consider a podcast. Podcasts are audio series that can be downloaded or streamed through the web, covering everything from talk shows through to storytelling, comedy or drama. There’s a whole host of exciting and original audio content available; and there’s sure to be one out there to suit your own hobbies and interests. Here’s just a few of our favourites.

1) The Honest Actors’ Podcast


This is the UK’s number one acting podcast. While you’re probably not an actor yourself, it’s a great listen for those outside the industry looking for an honest and accurate account of what an actor’s life is really like.

If you love TV, film or theatre and want to know more than is usually shared on the average chat show sofa, this could be the holiday podcast for you. Speaking to some well-known faces, host Jonathan Harden (himself an actor) goes beyond the obvious questions and receives honest responses on a wide range of topics.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“While you’re lying on your sun lounger enjoying the sea breeze, you might feel like a Hollywood star, but what’s the life of an actor really like? The honest truth might surprise you…”



2) Book Club for Kids


Book Club for Kids is a free, 20-minute podcast where kids talk about books with host Kitty Felde. A celebrity guest reads us a snippet of the book and the author joins us to answer questions. The show won the Literacy in Media award and is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or online at www.bookclubforkids.org. There’s even a freenewsletter for parents, teachers, and librarians offering tips to turn reluctant readers into lifelong book lovers.

 Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“Holidays are a time when young brains often turn to mush; and getting a kid to pick up a book instead of a mobile phone is a challenge. Listening together can not only inspire a love of shared reading, but serve as a prompt to discussions about issues raised by the books. The show is perfect for filling the time on trains or planes.”



3) ManBuyCow


While the kids are busy splashing about in the pool, The ManBuyCow Podcast is the perfect way for the grown-ups to kick back and be the real children. Each episode lightly skips between comic modes. From news-style satire to surreal narrative flights of fancy, it brings to mind the glory days of The Mighty Boosh radio series.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“Rufus & Howard’s brand of silly, smart and sometimes blue comedy is the perfect accompaniment to cocktails on the beach.”





4) The High Low


Freelance journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton take on every side of the world in their podcast ‘The High Low’. The ambiguous-sounding name actually gives away what these two – and their show – are all about.  They blend hard-hitting cultural happenings with water-cooler gossip – and it works perfectly, all nicely complimented by a tinge of girl power and feminism. You can find the podcast on Acast, an international podcast platform, and app.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“It’s absolutely ideal for those who like to keep us with current affairs wherever they go, but want a light-hearted side serving of gossip, laughs and fun to make sure it’s not too downbeat for the beach”.




5) They Walk Among Us


True crime lovers will easily become hooked on ‘They Walk Among Us’. Since September 2016, Benjamin and Rosie have been delving into some of Britain’s most fascinating true crime stories, from the sinister to the surreal and everything in between. This truly unique podcast promises to give you a chill on your sunshine holiday.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“While holidays are a time for fun and sun, delving into a dark world of gritty crime can be the perfect retreat. Besides, you’re not going to want to listen to this one in the dark or while you’re home alone!”





6) Scummy Mummies


With four children between them, video games journalist Ellie Gibson and stand-up comedienne Helen Thorn give you the lowdown on imperfect parenting. Not afraid to tell it like it is, they’ll have you laughing along to the kind of parenting ups and downs you’re probably pretty used to.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“If you’ve jetted off on a family holiday, sometimes it can feel like you’re not getting much of a break at all – you’re actually round-the-clock parenting. This podcast’s close-to-the-bone humour on the subject offers the perfect respite while the kids are busy building sandcastles”.





7) The Moth


The Moth presents true personal stories, told live, without notes and in front of an audience. Those stories are recorded and appear on the Moth Radio Hour, broadcast live across more than 450 public radio stations, and then on the podcast.

The Moth Podcast has been featuring re-airs of episodes of The Moth Radio Hour, plus additional stories from the vast archive recorded over the past two decades. Episodes are released every Tuesday.

 Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“It’s the perfect podcast to listen to while on holiday for many reasons: Most of the stories are short and all are engaging. They offer the opportunity to step into someone else’s life and experience for a few moments. Some stories are hilarious; some are heart-breaking; many fall somewhere in between.”  



8) Happier with Gretchen Rubin


Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of ‘The Happiness Project’ and ‘Better Than Before’ gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical advice about happiness and good habits to this thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s co-host and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully.

Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“For many of us, a holiday is a time to relax and celebrate. It also gives us a chance to reflect on ways that we might make our ordinary life happier, healthier, and more fun. The podcast ‘Happier with Gretchen Rubin’ gives listeners endless ideas and tips of how to make every day happier.”




9) Fat Mascara


Each week, beauty editors Jessica Matlin (Teen Vogue) and Jennifer Goldstein (Marie Claire) bring you an unedited look at the beauty industry. Expect straight talk about what products work (and which don’t), yummy gossip from the most exclusive events, and always, an unfiltered interview with one of the biggest names in beauty. Kat Von D, Charlotte Tilbury, and Jo Malone are just a few of the guests who have gotten cosy in the studio; and shared stories and tips you won’t hear anywhere else. Think of it as a chat on the beach with your most glamorous yet down-to-earth pals.

 Why the podcast is good for holiday listening:

“You’ll find incredible tips for how to take care of your skin, tons of going-out inspo, and they have a lot of fun together on the show, so expect a girls’ trip vibe in every episode.”




Podcasts are great way of keeping you and any little ones entertained; and these fun suggestions are sure to keep you busy on your sunshine getaway. If you happen to really enjoy them, you can continue tuning in regularly once you arrive back home!