Gran Canaria is one of the UK’s favourite sunshine destinations all year round. With average temperatures that rarely dip below 20°C even during the winter, it’s no surprise that during January and February sun-starved Brits head for this jewel of an island to escape the winter blues. While you’re here, there’s plenty to do, including a few attractions that might surprise you.


It’s the number one reason for travel to Gran Canaria. This island is blessed with some seriously sunny beaches, with the Playa del Ingles (English Beach) and Maspalomas Beach the most popular. These sandy shorelines come complete with palm trees and plenty of facilities, making them the perfect destination for a winter beach holiday for the whole family.

Holiday World Theme Park

It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s perfect for families. Holiday World is the most popular theme park on Gran Canaria, with thrilling rides, entertainment for all ages, and a huge 27m Ferris wheel that gives anyone with a head for heights a great view of the island.

Go native at Mundo Aborigen

This reconstructed ancient site gives you a glimpse into the island’s past and its native people. The centre is a wonderful way to find out more about these ancient folk, and you also have some fabulous scenery as well, with the deepest gorge on the island and some stunning beaches a short drive away.

Water Sports

We’re back on the beach this time, with a huge selection of water sports available for all abilities and ages. Whether you want to try and get on your feet windsurfing or prefer to head under the waves for some serious scuba diving, it’s all here. Sea fishing is hugely popular too, with charter boats available all year round.

Sioux City

If your holiday budget won’t quite stretch to a visit stateside, you can get a feel for the Wild West right here on Gran Canaria. Sioux City is a Western theme park, complete with spiky cacti, gun fights and rootin’-tootin’ locals. It’s set in the spectacular Barranco del Águila (Eagle’s Canyon) and is a great family day out. It’s certainly not what you’d expect to find in Gran Canaria, but it’s a fun change from the usual attractions.