Fantastic beaches, glorious sunshine and some of the best surfing spots in the world make Fuerteventura an unmissable beach holiday destination. Throw in some tasty local cuisine, a treasure hunt and the entertaining Oasis National Park and you’re beginning to get a taste of a Fuerteventura holiday.

Check out my favourite things to do in this Canary Island hotspot.

Fantastic Beaches

White sand, black sand, rocky, and even lagoon styled beaches weave around the Fuerteventura coastline. In total there are over 150 beaches for you to explore. Chances are you will love all of them and if you weren’t a beach bum before you left, you will be afterwards. Fuerteventura has sunshine all year round so you can enjoy these beaches in any season you visit.

Yummy Cheese

The capital of the island Puerto Del Rosario used to be known as Puerto des Cabra – Port of the Goats. It may come as no surprise the island has more goats then people. As you can imagine, the goats’ cheese is very tasty and is admired by cheesemakers around the world. It’s so good, you will probably pack some into you’re luggage to enjoy when you get home.

Explore Treasure Island

Aaargh mateys! Take a boat trip to Treasure Island and explore the Isla de Lobos. This little stretch of land is uninhabited and has golden sands, an old light house and best of all its very own volcano. If you climb to the top you’ll see the stunning views of the island.

Oasis Park

A trip to the Oasis Park Zoo is an unmissable experience. There are many animals from all over the world, botanical gardens, entertaining shows and even the chance to swim with otters or dolphins.  Don’t miss out on the Camel Safari show and dine in the animal themed restaurants in the evening. It’s a great day out for all the family.

Catch a Wave

It’s no secret Fuerteventura is the best Canary Island for watersports.  The strong winds create excellent surf spots all-round the island. Its waves are so good; it’s even been named the ‘European Hawaii’. If you’ve never tried surfing before, then why not sign up to Fuerteventura Surf School, strap on a wetsuit and take a dive into the fun.

Visit Fuerteventura

What’s your favourite thing to do in Fuerteventura? Tell us in the comments below.