With seven islands to choose from, each with its own unique personality, why pick just one for your Canary Islands holiday in 2017? Island hopping isn’t just something you do in the Greek Islands, you can do it here too. Ferries and planes run between the islands all year round, so it’s easy to spend a couple of days exploring one sunny spot, and then hop on to a ferry or take a charter flight to the next island.

Spur of the moment or plan ahead?

There are two types of traveller in the world, those who plan carefully before they even leave home, and those who don’t plan at all and just see which way the wind takes them. However, if you’re planning to see as much as possible in just a couple of weeks, then it pays to do at least a little bit of planning before you head off. Airtours, one of the UK’s largest holiday providers, have plenty of flights and hotel information on their site. But they’ve also included lots of other useful travel tips too. Find out things like travel times between islands, hotel availability, and whether it’s cheaper to get there by ferry or take internal short-hop flights.

Fly or sail?

You have two main travel options if you’re planning to island hop in the Canaries. You can either use the ferries or save time by taking the small planes that buzz between the islands. While flying is much quicker, giving you more time to explore each of the seven main islands, it is quite expensive, especially if you’re island hopping with the whole family.

The cheaper option is to take the ferry, which also gives you the chance to see the Canaries from a different viewpoint, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the dolphins and whales that swim between the islands. It does take longer, but you’ll have more spending money in your pocket when you arrive. You can also take your hire car from island to island too, making it even easier to go exploring.