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Which Canary Island are you?

So you’re booking your holiday and have decided on the Canary Islands. Can’t decide which one is right for you? Luckily, our simple quiz does all the hard work. Have a go, it’s really good fun! [playbuzz-item url="//" info="false" shares="true" comments="false" recommend="false"] What result did you get? Visit the Canary Island that's best for

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Magical Tips, Tricks and Hacks for your Walt Disney World Holiday

A Walt Disney World holiday is a once in a lifetime experience and having just returned from one in Florida, I can say first hand that the magic really is incredible. To enable you to get the most from you’re trip, I’ve compiled a list of the best tips, trips and hacks. With these useful

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My Top 4 Things to do in Paphos

If you like blue flag beaches, ancient history and adrenaline fuelled waterparks; a holiday to Paphos is guaranteed to bring fun, adventure and relaxation. It’s accompanied with scorching sunshine, warm Mediterranean waters, and an average summer temperature of 26°C.  There’s plenty to do and see whatever you’re taste, style and preference, read on and discover

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How to take the perfect holiday selfie?

Taking the perfect holiday selfie is easy with our eight-step guide. We've thought about the dos and don'ts, the poses and pouting, and captured all the top tips for a snap happy holiday. Read on and master the selfie and if you've got any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.  

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Where’s hot in August?

Everywhere right? Yes, but the good news is you don’t have to fly further then Europe during August, you are guaranteed sunshine and scorching temperatures at this time of year. Our friendly beach resorts are ready to offer you fun beach break holidays at great prices. Here are our favourite places to kick back, relax

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28 countries, 28 dishes – Europe’s top food picks

To find the best grub on holiday there’s no need to venture far. Our 27 neighbours have plenty of mouth-watering dishes to tempt you with. Each dish is influenced by the country’s culture and infused with its natural flavours. Spanish Paella, Stone baked Italian Pizza’s and traditional Greek Moussaka are just a few of the

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Cyprus is great for a last minute holiday

Late bookers love Cyprus.  It’s fun, wild and infused with the Mediterranean’s natural beauty and cultures. For a last-minute holiday, jet set off to the scorching hot sunshine at super low prices. Get on the wild side in, Akamas, take a splash in Fasouri Watermania or scoff the best Meze food to your hearts content.

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The Anatomy of a Master Traveller

We know going on holiday is the best part of the year but it’s even more fun if you become a master traveller. Order 2 beers and ice cream in the local slang, hit the food market with the locals, or even download the latest free apps to find the best beaches, events and waterparks.

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Top 5 Things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Grab your swimming costume and dive straight into water parks, mud baths and foam parties on a holiday to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.  This up and coming resort is brimming with fun-filled activities and surrounded by magnificent cultural attractions. Pack more into you’re next cheap holiday and discover these top five things to do on

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Your guide to eating etiquette

Facing the unfamiliar abroad? There’s no need to worry about the eating etiquette because we’ve got you covered. We’ve found the most popular local delicacies around the world and prepared an eating etiquette guide to avoid a potential catastrophe. Why not try Lobster in Greece? Tapas in Spain or even Fofu in the Caribbean? Follow

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