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Nissi Bay: A holiday resort for beach lovers

Nissi Bay is ideal for families looking for a fun beach holiday. This quiet resort, just off the corner of the famous Ayia Napa town, has some of the best beaches in Cyprus with plenty of things to do. Sunbathe in the best beach spots, dive into the turquoise waters or take the young ones

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Pokemon Go: Where to catch ’em all on holiday

Catching on to the trend at last? Or looking for new ways to fulfil your guilty pleasure? Pokemon Go was an app made for travel and if you’re one of the 75 million people who is hooked on it you’re probably imagining the endless possibilities of playing this game abroad. Here are just a few

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11 Awesome Waterparks in Europe

Nothing say’s ‘holiday’ more than sunshine, ice cream and waterparks and I’ve found 11 of the wildest ones in Europe. Imagine yourself swirling down a waterslide, swimming through the wave pool and then chilling out on a cruise down the lazy river. These 11 awesome waterparks just made your next summer holiday even better.

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Where’s hot in November?

Summer is gone but not if you’re going on holiday to one of these winter sun destinations. It’s time to swap you’re knitted jumper for your swim shorts and chill out in style at one of these top four destinations. Why not take a last-minute holiday to one of these beach hotspots?

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11 Signs That You Desperately Need Another Holiday

Do you find yourself day dreaming about a holiday on a sunny beach?  It’s easy to see why. Holidays bring fun and happiness with a once a year treat creating once in a lifetime memories. There’s no better place to spend quality family time than in a hotel by the beach with all your favourite

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The Best Apps for a Stress-Free Summer Holiday

Your flights are booked, your bags are packed and you’re on your way to some exotic location. Unfortunately, that much-awaited summer holiday won’t always go as smoothly as you’d like. Whether it’s difficulties navigating a new location, having to deal with unexpected weather conditions, missing out on the best sight-seeing or simply misplacing your travel

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Get Inspired From Our Q&A With Seasoned Travel Bloggers

We got in touch with a top selection seasoned travel bloggers and instagram enthusiasts. Read on to discover their favourite travel images, destination bucket lists and top 5 people to take on holiday. Neil Barnes - Packs and Bunks 1) Favourite travel image and why? VIEW ON INSTAGRAM My last great solo backpacking adventure when

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Celebrity Glam Styling Tips for Your Next Holiday

Have you ever noticed how celebrities always manage to look flawless, even when they’re dressed down on a beach holiday in hot and humid places? From the most stylish outfits and accessories to picture perfect hair, we’ve teamed up with some big names in the fashion and beauty world to see just how you can

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Tempted by Fuerteventura?

Fantastic beaches, glorious sunshine and some of the best surfing spots in the world make Fuerteventura an unmissable beach holiday destination. Throw in some tasty local cuisine, a treasure hunt and the entertaining Oasis National Park and you’re beginning to get a taste of a Fuerteventura holiday. Check out my favourite things to do in

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Where’s hot in September?

There’s no need to travel far to beat the September blues. Only a few hours flight time away from the UK are 5 sizzling hot beach destinations. Picture yourself with hot dog legs, cocktail in hand deciding what ice cream to eat next. Cookie Crumble, Chocolate Vanilla, or Fruit Sorbet?  Whatever you’re taste, style or

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