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Where’s hot in January

2016 may have been the year of the ‘staycation’, but it looks like record numbers of Brits are heading further afield for their holidays next year. And they’re starting early too, with January 2017 hot spots from Cuba to Mexico, the Canary Islands to Egypt, all attracting sun-loving holidaymakers. Post-Christmas special offers mean that even

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5 reasons to choose Christmas in the Caribbean

Snow and sleigh bells may be some people’s idea of a perfect Christmas, but if you prefer your festive breaks on a fabulous beach, then there are plenty of reasons why Christmas in the Caribbean should be at the top of your wish list. A dash to the sun to escape those Arctic winds has

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Spain’s holiday popularity in record breaking boost by Brits

Every year, millions of Brits head to the guaranteed warmth and sunshine of the Spanish Costas. In January and February of 2015 alone, over 1.2million Brits flocked to Spain for a spot of winter sunshine, making up the largest number of tourists to Spain by far. We have a love affair with Spain, with millions

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Travel Gadgets to make your holiday easier

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so anything that makes the journey easier must be well worth the money. The BBC Travel Show regularly rounds up the latest travel gadgets and innovations, all of which are designed to make the journey as enjoyable as arriving at your destination. So how effective are the latest gadgets

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Europe’s top five waterpark holidays

If there’s one thing that kids love when they’re on holiday, it’s a trip to a waterpark. If you love messing about in the water but, you need a break from the beach, waterparks are a great option for a fun family day out. There some amazing deals on family holidays for 2017 right now,

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Spain’s secret Costa

While you may already be familiar with Spain’s main Costas, there are plenty of other gorgeous stretches of coastline that are a little off the usual tourist trails. 2017 looks like it’s going to be another bumper year for Spanish family and beach holidays for UK travellers, but rather than dealing with crowded Costas, why

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Top five things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Bulgaria has become a major tourist spot in the last ten years, and one of the top destinations in the country is the aptly named Sunny Beach. There’s much more than just sun, sea and sand to this family favourite holiday spot, and in 2017 there’ll be even more to enjoy as more entertainment options

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Island hopping in the Canaries

With seven islands to choose from, each with its own unique personality, why pick just one for your Canary Islands holiday in 2017? Island hopping isn’t just something you do in the Greek Islands, you can do it here too. Ferries and planes run between the islands all year round, so it’s easy to spend

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Snapchat launches sunglasses with camera

What if you could take your holiday snaps without having to carry your phone around? What if rather than packing a camera, you packed a pair of sunglasses that can take a video of anything you look at? That’s exactly what internet giant Snapchat has done with the launch of their ‘Spectacle’, a pair of

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Beach destinations for Pokémon Go

It’s the craze that just won’t quit, and Pokémon Go looks set to keep on going right into 2017. If you’re addicted to finding Pikachu but can’t resist the call of a soft, sandy beach and crystal clear blue water, why not combine the two? Find out where you can ‘catch them all’ and catch

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