Your flights are booked, your bags are packed and you’re on your way to some exotic location. Unfortunately, that much-awaited summer holiday won’t always go as smoothly as you’d like. Whether it’s difficulties navigating a new location, having to deal with unexpected weather conditions, missing out on the best sight-seeing or simply misplacing your travel documents, a holiday can quickly go from relaxing to disastrous. Never fear though as these handy travel apps will make sure your next summer trip is everything you’d hoped for:

  1.  Maps Me

Wherever you’re heading to in the world, MAPS.ME is there to help you navigate every new destination. Detailed offline maps will provide you with fastest driving, walking and bike routes, while the precise search function allows you to pinpoint and share your exact locations with friends. You can also download maps of your destination in advance and save money on roaming charges.  Maps Me is available in the App Store and Google Play.

   2. Travello

A social network for travellers, Travello is a handy app which enhances any travel experience by making it incredibly easy to meet other explorers in your current or future destinations. Now being used in over 180 countries, Travello allows you to see all other travellers in your area just seconds after you download it. Message them to meet up, ask for advice or simply share tips and recommendations on the interactive noticeboard. You can even use it to find the nearest WiFi spots and local deals in your area.

The app where travellers come to connect, Travello is fast becoming the biggest online global travel community and is the perfect way to make new friends abroad. Download it for free on iPhone and Android.

     3. Flight+

This useful app is great for those not used to flying or who have trouble keeping track of all their airport itinerary. Flight+ will tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming flights as well as useful tips about your destination. Enter your flight details for alerts on your flight times, departure terminals and airport facilities. You can also check the weather in your destination too so you know exactly what kind of conditions to expect upon your arrival.

   4. Celsius

Want to know the weather conditions of almost every imaginable place in the world? Simply download the Celsius app for access to practical information such as 10-day forecasts, UV levels, and wind strength and direction at your next holiday destination. Thanks to some very clever technology, Celsius allows you to see the current temperature of your favourite location on your home screen icon, meaning you don’t even have to open the app to get the latest forecast. Ideal to use wherever you’re venturing off to, download it from the App Store now.

   5. PastBook

Taking hundreds of photos is definitely a must when exploring new places. Turn those holidays snaps into beautiful photo albums with the PastBook app. Use it to create photo books from images sourced on your device and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Dropbox. Want to know the best part about this memory-making app? Once you’ve made your albums, you can opt to print your photos out into a beautiful booklet that’s ideal for showing off your holiday snaps to friends and family when you get home. Download PastBook from the App store now and receive free shipping and a 35% discount off your first order.

   6. Sightsmarter:

Off on holiday somewhere new and unsure about the best places to visit? The great Sightsmarter app is the ultimate tool for sourcing info about popular tourist traps and hidden gems in locations all over the world. Taking you on and off the beaten track, this app provides you with audio stores about the sights you’re visiting as well as providing themed routes of different areas. Smart features include planning your own routes, pinpointing must-see sights for others to see, and sharing your travel activities with friends.

Whether sight-seeing is top of your list or you’re simply travelling for business, these useful apps are essential for exploring and navigating new places. Let your phone be your travel agent AND your tour guide, no matter where you are in the world!