It’s the craze that just won’t quit, and Pokémon Go looks set to keep on going right into 2017. If you’re addicted to finding Pikachu but can’t resist the call of a soft, sandy beach and crystal clear blue water, why not combine the two? Find out where you can ‘catch them all’ and catch some sun in 2017.


Gorgeous beaches are reason enough to head to the Mediterranean’s most popular island for family holidays. But if you’re looking for water Pokémon that you just haven’t been able to find anywhere else, then there’s a good chance you’ll catch one of the little critters here. If you’re really lucky you might even be able to find a rare little Kabuto, so keep your eyes peeled.


Our little Pokémon friends love the sunshine as much as we do, and you’ll find plenty of them sunning themselves on the beaches of Greece next year. There’s even a chance you’ll catch a Meowth (makes a change from a Minotour!).


It’s right at the top of the list for family holidays all year round, especially if you love the beach. From the Costa Blanca through to the Canary Islands, Spain has to be one of the all-time favourite destinations for beach bums and sun lovers. Now, you could be sharing your beach with Goldeen, who is said to be particularly fond of Spanish beaches.


Miles of fabulous coastline means that Portugal is a beach lover’s paradise. It’s also attracting quite a few rare water Pokémon too, especially the elusive Magikarp. A beach holiday to Portugal in 2017 not only gives you a chance to really work on that tan, but you could top up your Pokémon Go score too.

No matter where you’re heading in 2017, keep plenty of Pokémon balls handy, as you never know who you might bump into on the beach.