Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is blessed with year-round sunshine and incredible beaches. It’s a popular destination for sun-seeking Brits, but do you know all there is to know about this holiday hotspot? Here are 11 of my favourite fun facts you probably didn’t know about Tenerife.

1. Friday 13th isn’t a worry on this island, it’s Tuesday the 13th that’s considered unlucky here.

2. Tenerife’s flag is the same as Scotland’s because both share the same Patron Saint: St Andrew.

3. William Shakespeare enjoyed Canarian Wine so much that every year, Tenerife’s Malmsey wine was given to him as part of his salary.

4. The islands weren’t named after the Canary Bird; the Canary Bird was named after the islands.
5. Tom Cruise once set foot in Tenerife in the 1990s to buy a roll of film. Word has it that he was on his yacht cruising (quite appropriately) and moored alongside Paloma Beach before strolling to the local shops.

6. Those good-looking golden beaches are all man-made; it’s the ones with black sand that are natural.

7. Siam Park is the world’s largest Thai Building outside of Asia. It also features the biggest man-made wave pool, producing waves a staggering 3.3 metres high.

8. Tenerife has one of the longest lava tubes in the world named ‘The Wind Cave’. It’s an incredible 18km in length with a maze of underground passages.

9. The Canarian word for “potato” is “papa”, while in the rest of Spain “papa” means Pope.

10. The gigantic Mount Teide casts the largest sea shadow in the world.

11. The National Anthem of Tenerife is the only one in the world to have no words.

Can you think of any other little known facts? Let us know in the comments below.