Come January, many of us start planning well-earned breaks, trips away and cheeky long weekends. There’s no doubt we all love a day off. But, we’ve discovered that us Brits just aren’t using our annual leave days effectively; in fact, we’re wasting them.

Shockingly, we’ve found that 40% of workers in the UK won’t have used up all of their holiday by the end of the year, with almost one in every six people having more than a full working week left over. This equates to around £532 of unused leave every year per person.

So, why are we failing to take our well-deserved time off?

The most common reason for not using all annual leave is that people feel they’re too busy at work to be able to take time off, our study found, while holidays clashing with colleagues is another big stumbling block.

And even when Brits take time off, we aren’t always using it to unwind. In fact, we spend less than half of our days off actually relaxing.

The average worker spends seven days off at home. A whopping 56% of respondents told us that they end up running errands and doing chores, and this was higher for women than men, at 62%.

The top ten things we spend our annual leave doing, excluding travelling, makes for a depressing read.

  1. Doing chores and running errands
  2. Attending medical appointments
  3. Using up annual leave allowance
  4. Family emergencies
  5. Relaxing at home
  6. Doing DIY/ home improvements
  7. Gardening
  8. Shopping
  9. Studying
  10. Socialising

Don’t waste a day in 2017

It’s clear that we need to start using our hard-earned holiday better. Getting some rest, having fun and experiencing new things is vital to keeping us going. And most importantly of all, you deserve it. There really is much more to life than work.

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