2016 has been a bumper year for UK tourists visiting Tenerife. An online comparison website found that throughout the year, Tenerife has repeatedly been at the top of traveller’s hot spots, especially for fun family holidays. And according to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, more than 12 million of us head to the Spanish sunshine every year.

There’s never been a better time to make a last minute booking or pre-book an All Inclusive family holiday for 2017. While you’re in Tenerife, there’s plenty to do and see as well.

Siam Park

It’s one of the biggest and best waterparks in Europe, and a huge attraction for families looking for a fun day out or even a week’s worth of super-soaked fun. From safe areas for tiny tots to dizzying drops, you’ve got everything you want for a fun family holiday in one place.


Known as Tenerife’s ‘Shangri-la’, this hidden gem lets you discover the natural beauty of the island, combined with a pristine beach and glorious clear water for snorkelling or diving.

Monkey Park

Take your little monkeys to say hello to the Lemurs and monkeys at this conservation centre and park. The residents are particularly fond of grapes and bananas, so remember to stop off at the local shop and pick up some treats before you arrive.

Dolphin watching off Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is the perfect spot to see these gorgeous marine creatures in their natural, wild habitat, rather than in a park. Chartered boats take you out to spot whales and dolphins, and you can learn about the other sea creatures that call these warm, clear waters home.

Submarine Safari

How do you fancy going under the waves but without getting wet? One of the big attractions over the past year has been the new Submarine Safari, where you climb on board a bright yellow and red submarine (yes, a real submarine!) and dive down under the waves. Don’t forget your camera for this amazing experience.