Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a 5-star All Inclusive break in the Caribbean next year, you can still grab a little bit of summer sunshine on the cheap.

Low-cost destinations

Spain still offers great value for money, especially for budget savvy families. If you can save money on hotels and flights, then you’ll have a little bit extra for entry fees into theme parks for the kids. And remember, the beach is always free. Other budget sunshine destinations include Portugal, Greece and Turkey, but don’t forget about new locations like Bulgaria. The Black Sea is a fabulous family-friendly spot, and because Bulgaria is an up and coming tourist destination, there are some really great cheap holidays on offer to encourage visitors to take a break from their usual Spanish hot spots.

Package it all up

During 2016, online comparison sites mean that UK sun seekers have been searching online and creating their own holiday packages. In fact, buying hotels and flights separately can actually work out to be more expensive, especially if things don’t go to plan and you have to chase down last-minute replacement flights or hotel deals. 2017 will see the return of the package deal, where your flight, hotel and even excursions are all wrapped up in one bundle. For families looking for wallet-friendly holidays, this is a great option and certainly gives you more bang for your bucks (or Euros).

Self Catering

Smaller resorts are a great way to discover the ‘real’ Spain or Cyprus, and if you’re short of cash then Self Catering saves you even more money. Check out deals in Greece, especially islands like Corfu, which is definitely back in ‘fashion’ for 2017. Spain’s Costas can costa fortune, so try looking inland a couple of miles for cheaper deals that still mean you’re only a short drive from the beach.