Pokémon Go is the craze that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Not only can you find Pickachu and friends around your local neighbourhood, but all over the world. Is it just a fad, or could it open the doors for new kinds of travel apps too?

Exploring with Pokémon

Instead of going hunting for Pokémon’s in a new city or on the beach, some users with the Pokémon Go Travel app have started using it as a guide to help them find their way around an unfamiliar city. So while you’re chasing down that Charmander, or popping a Pidgeot into your pocket, you could also be using this fun app to find out more about the resort you’re exploring.

Pokémon Go is just the latest in AR or ‘Augmented Reality’ apps that tell you about the world around you. Now you can download travel apps that let you point your smartphone at a statue, monument or place of interest, and immediately access information about it. Put simply, apps like Pokémon Go are virtual tour guides, as well as being a fun game.

AR travel apps are the next big thing for tourists in 2017

Forget suitcases that follow you around or microchipped luggage that finds its own way home, AR travel apps are set to be the big travel gadget for 2017. They don’t add any extra weight to your hand luggage limit, they use technology you’re already familiar with, and they help you get the most from every trip, no matter where in the world you’re heading. By tapping into the internet and giving you instant access to up to date information, you can find out who that statue is of, when that castle was built, and even what time the waterpark opens on a Sunday.

And if you download the Pokémon Go Travel app, you can also pick up a few fantasy friends on your trip too!