What if you could take your holiday snaps without having to carry your phone around? What if rather than packing a camera, you packed a pair of sunglasses that can take a video of anything you look at?

That’s exactly what internet giant Snapchat has done with the launch of their ‘Spectacle’, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera that will allow you to record up to 30 seconds of video and upload it to the hugely popular Snapchat app. This literally lets your Snapchat friends see exactly what you see on holiday, and lets you capture your own holiday memories as seen through your own eyes.

Ultra-trendy video glasses at a great price

Snapchat, or Snap Inc. as the company is now known, are making the move out of the virtual and into the real world with this ground-breaking piece of tech. They predict it will be particularly popular among the 18-34 age group. And the price for these ultra-trendy video sunglasses? Around £100, making them affordable, too.

Battery life is pretty good, and a charge should last a full day, which is more than enough for the average excursion or day at the beach. The camera records in a circular format, which can be viewed from any orientation. A small LED light on the side of the glasses lets people know when it’s recording.

Retro styling

The design is distinctly retro and very trendy, making them the perfect addition to any holiday wardrobe. And because you’re literally wearing your camera, it leaves your free to hold a nice, cold beer.

This is possibly a more consumer-friendly product than Google Glass, and with a considerably lower price tag, we think it has a good chance of being the must have gadget for your 2017 holidays.

Just remember not to sit on them.