2016 may have been the year of the ‘staycation’, but it looks like record numbers of Brits are heading further afield for their holidays next year. And they’re starting early too, with January 2017 hot spots from Cuba to Mexico, the Canary Islands to Egypt, all attracting sun-loving holidaymakers. Post-Christmas special offers mean that even some exotic destinations are within easy reach without breaking the bank. January hot spots offer a bit of relief from the current cold weather, and are great for families on a budget too.

The Canary Islands

With a flight time of 4-5 hours, the Canary Islands are the favourite winter sunshine destination among Brits for 2017. Average January temperatures are around 22°C with a daily sunshine count of six hours. Everything from beach resorts to family-friendly hotels and Self Catering provide plenty of options for all budgets, so it’s no surprise that the Canary Islands are top of the January hot spots for chilly UK travellers.

The Caribbean

Temperatures in the Caribbean in January hover around 26°C, which is considerably warmer than our plunging temperatures at this time of the year. It’s an easy nine-hour flight from the UK, and 2017 sees some seriously tempting All Inclusive packages on offer, making budgeting for a Caribbean holiday easy. Look out for great offers on last-minute deals for impulse getaway breaks. The Caribbean has some of the best spots in the world for a lazy, laid back and totally stress-free holiday in the sun.


The ultimate family-friendly destination also basks in warm January temperatures that top out at 23C, with around seven hours of sunshine a day. The USA is a very attractive winter destination, particularly with special offers for families during the half-term break.


Ancient history meets family-friendly hotels, fabulous coastal resorts, and budget-friendly winter sunshine. The popular Red Sea region averages 22°C in January, with eight hours of sunshine every day and practically zero chance of rain. Add stunning beaches, amazing water sports and friendly locals, and you have a great destination just 3-4 hours’ flight time away from the UK.