Catching on to the trend at last? Or looking for new ways to fulfil your guilty pleasure? Pokemon Go was an app made for travel and if you’re one of the 75 million people who is hooked on it you’re probably imagining the endless possibilities of playing this game abroad. Here are just a few of the best things you can do with the app on holiday.  Let us know your favourite ‘Poké-Trips’ in the comments below.

Achieve Gladiator status in the landmarks of ancient Italy.

Every player needs Poke-Balls and the landmarks of Italy have those handy PokéStops everywhere. Stock up on all the items you need and then start filling you’re Pokedex. Plenty of Pokemon are found here and you can battle players around famous landmarks like the Gladiator arena and Trevi Fountain. Best of all, the snaps you take will be hilarious. Look at Hitmonchan boxing outside the arena!

—Catch em all in Italy?—

Search for a ‘Scyther’ in the grassy areas of the Algarve.

Loading Pokedex….Scyther is a bipedal, creature with blade like forearms capable of cutting through trees. Scyther has two pairs of cream-colored wings and is often found in grasslands and forest…you’re bound to catch one in the grasslands of the Algarve. You may even see one lurking near the coastline.  Approach with caution and make sure you have enough Pokeballs with you to catch this elusive Pokemon.

—Search in the Algarve?—

Swim over to a ‘Psyduck’ in Aphrodite’s Baths in Cyprus.   

Water Pokémon don’t normally appear around swimming pools and waterparks. To catch these rare creatures, you’ll need to be a little more adventurous.  Aphrodite’s baths in Cyprus are one of these water stops where you may find Pokemon like Psyduck and Poliwhirl. Prepare to get wet, these Pokemon put up a tough fight.

—–Catch em all in Cyprus?—

Find rock stars like ‘Onex’ in the resort towns of Malta.  

You’ll find rock stars like ‘Onex’ and ‘Geodude’ in towns, highways and urban areas. The resort towns of Qawra and Sliema in Malta are good places to search for these Pokemon. You can also check out the cobbled streets of the capital Valetta and extend your hunt to find a ‘Machop’ or ‘Sandshrew’.

—Play the Game in Malta?—

Battle the world in the theme parks of Orlando. 

Orlando may be the world’s playground of theme parks, but underneath the glitz and glamour of the rides and attractions a new fusion of childhood nostalgia is forming. Players from around the world are meeting in the tonnes of PokéStops and PokéGyms throughout the Wi-Fi friendly parks. Pokémon can be caught everywhere!

—Next Stop Orlando?—

Where will you catch them all? Tell us about your favourite Pokémon experiences on holiday.


Featured Pokemon –
Featured Pokemon –
Pikachu –émon)
Psyduck –émon)
Onix –émon)
Scyther –émon)
Hitmonchan –émon)