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5 Amazing Wonders of Turkey

If you’re looking to pack more culture into your holiday, look no further than Turkey this summer. This Mediterranean hotspot has much more to offer then pool sides and sun loungers. Turkey is a destination full of fascinating natural wonders and ancient history. From the Roman springs in Asia Minor to the eternal mountain flames in Chimaera, why not discover Turkey’s history on your next holiday abroad?
Here are our five favourite places to explore in Turkey.

1. Goreme National Park
One of the most fascinating places in the world is the Goreme National Park in Turkey. It’s mountainous collection of churches, troglodyte villages, subterranean cities and volcanic landscape make this world heritage site the number one attraction. If you like hiking and history then take a full day out to explore the amazing valley.

2. Ephesus
The ancient Roman capital of Asia Minor is considered to be one of the best preserved cities in the Mediterranean. With history spanning the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine era we recommend taking a guided tour of the city. The Temple of Artemis is unmissable and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

3. Discover the Mountain Fires of Chimaera
The eternal fires of Chimaera are fascinating and we recommend travelling the 80km South West of Antalya to witness these everlasting flames. Sailers have used them for hundreds of years as a navigational landmark and today they attract tourists from all over the world. Go after dark for a truly remarkable experience.

4. Hierapolis
It’s easy to imagine this site teeming with Roman soldiers bathing in the hot springs. The great bathes are constructed with huge stone blocks and the surrounding site also features an ancient theatre and library. If you like exploring Roman history, this UNESCO listed archaeological site should be top of your list.

5. Scale Alanya’s ancient fortress
The ancient fortress of Alanya is an unmissable landmark which sits at the top of the rocky mountain hillside. It’s teeming with history and between the walls you’ll find Alanya’s oldest mosque and a Byzantine church. If you like a good hike then walk your way up to the summit and admire the views.

Why not discover these ancient wonders on your next holiday to Turkey?