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11 Signs That You Desperately Need Another Holiday

Do you find yourself day dreaming about a holiday on a sunny beach?  It’s easy to see why. Holidays bring fun and happiness with a once a year treat creating once in a lifetime memories. There’s no better place to spend quality family time than in a hotel by the beach with all your favourite holiday indulgences around you.

If the following tell-tale signs are known to you then it’s time to change Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat into Sunbathe, Snooze, Swim, Adventure.  Here are eleven signs you desperately need another holiday now.

1. Finding yourself on Facebook sharing ‘on this day’ memories.

2. Outdated swimwear. At the bottom of your wardrobe rests a dusty tankini or tight set of speedos.

3. Breaking out the Hawaiian shirt unexpectedly for an occasion.

4. Making smoothies in the cocktail maker.

5. The passport is so out of date it doesn’t have an electronic chip.

6. You’ve recently made a bucket list of the places you want to visit

7. Checking work’s annual leave balance on a daily basis.

8. Multiple alarms are set in the morning to help wake you up.

9. One sip of a cocktail and it’s throwback to last summer’s sunbed in Spain.

10. Gazing out the window aimlessly as your mind wanders to beach hotspots.

11. Last of all, reading this blog post means you definitely need a break!